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Phoroptor Cleaning, Repair and Reconditioning Service

We provide a no hassle and convenient method for your phoroptor cleanings.

This service is provided with quick turn around time and is almost effortless on the part of the practitioner. Our work is guaranteed for 60 days on reconditioning.

The listed fee is the basic cost without any additional neccessary parts and/or shipping.

what we do

  • Provide shipping box when needed
  • Provide (+) or (-) cyl loaner at no extra charge
  • Provide UPS pickup tags when shipping your phoroptor or our loaner to repair facility or your office.
  • Provide complete reconditioning and lubrication to manufacturers specifications

Customers will always be notified in advance when any parts need replacement. Our pricing schedule is always competitive and our work is guaranteed.

Call us today for pricing information or complete the form below. We look forward to doing business with you! If you have any other additional questions about our services you can also complete our contact form!

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