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Tonopen Repair & Reconditioning Servce

In addition to selling new Tonopens, the XL & Avia models, do you also sell used refurbished Tonopens?Yes, routinely any Tonopen I've acquired will be first serviced & certified to function for the specifications set forth by the manufacturer. After it has been completely serviced it will be available for re-sale to practitioners.


What usually does a used/refurbished Tonopen cost?
Since there have been several companies making Tonopens over the years (Oculab, Solan, Medtronics and Mentor), age is a factor in determining the overall value of the Tonopen that is being considered for sale to The Optical Interchange or traded for a new one. Generally most Tonopens are re-sold at a range of $1,850.00 and $2,200.00.

Do you buy used Tonopens?
I will almost always buy used Tonopens "Dead or Alive". A price quote can be offered by either calling us by phone or completing the form below.

Can you tell me about your warranty policy on your Tonopens?
All new Tonopen's when sold are covered by the same warranty set forth by the manufacturer. The warranty for Tonopen repair is 60-days.

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