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digital pupilometer (Essilor Type)

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Digital Pupilometer (Essilor Type)

Item Price: $295.00


This Digital Pupilometer is lightweight, durable, while still maintaining its sleek design. Measures both monocularly and binocularly from 50-80mm. in 0.5mm. increments.

Viewing distance is from 30cm. to infinity. Automatic shut-off saves the life of 3 AAA batteries that are included, while still being able to store unrecorded measurements. Best of all its highly accurate by having readings calculated by corneal reflection rather than pupil centers.

The Interchange digital pupilometer will consistantly provide accurate and precise monocular pupillary measurements and help to extend the success ratio of progressive multifocal fitting. Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

It is light weight and durably constructed under rigid factory standards to the original Essilor design. It is an absolute must when fitting progressive multi-focal lenses and will improve your success ratio by eons.

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